Here is some bad news.

We have a lot of thoughts every day, and most of them have a negative bias.

Thoughts just come and go.  They come and go mostly out of our control and out of our awareness.  Our mind is a master storyteller, so one thought spins another and another….

Watch: Thought Bubbles – feat. Vincent Rodriguez III – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Here is the good news, though:

You don’t have to take them all too seriously.  All of our minds operate like this. Yours, mine, everybody’s…

AND: Thoughts change on their own account if we change something like what we do, our environment (take a stroll in the garden / park / forest), doing some exercise (doing some star jumps or a little jog), or just noticing that we are having thoughts, which drift in and out like clouds in Wales…):

Watch:  I’m noticing I’m having the thoughts that:

It is understandable that many people try to change or control their thinking.  There is a bit more bad news about this, though:

Trying to suppress a thought just makes them stronger!

Try this little experiment:  For a couple of minutes DON’T THINK of a GREEN FROG!!!!

If this didn’t work for you, I can’t do it either! 

Any suppressed thoughts become stronger and intrusive.  So, we are better off to just let them flow through and not engage in struggle with them.

Watch:  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Observing Self:

Remember: thoughts and feelings are like the weather – changeable, your noticing, purely observing  self is like the sky!



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