• COVID resources for kids (most are Aussie flavoured!):
Do you work with young kids as a therapist / teacher? Are you a parent or

• Podcast (12 min.): kids’ questions on COVID19 being answered:


The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) regularly run the Play School program for

• Play School Australia
kids. (My daughter was mad about Play School when she was little, as was her mum…)

Play School recently produced a show for kids on COVID19. It explains social distancing and shows a little handwashing sequence with a catching tune:

Watch it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABCIndigenous/videos/203708190917813/ or on YouTube:

• WHO advice on helping children cope with stress from COVID19

https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/helping-children-cope-with- stress-print.pdf?sfvrsn=f3a063ff_2

  • Additional email attachments:
  • STAY HERE (an acronym) is an Australian ACT based tool by Dr Tamar Black for parents / counsellors to help children deal with COVID19
  • Healthy Habits For Our Feelings are fun activities for the family



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