• Wishing you A VERY WONDERFUL NEW YEAR 2021 from the ACT Hub Wales!!!
  • Hopefully it will be a better one than 2020, even if it currently may not feel like that, yet! TheACTHubWales: https://www.act-hub-wales.co.uk/resources/
  • As we had said in the first newsletter:
  • The ACT Hub is a work in progress and will take time to develop further. We now have a very knowledgeable helper at the ACT Hub, and so, Dan and Ingrid are certain that Tom Dyer will do wonderful things with the website. The site might look different from time to time and there is so much to do… Free ACT Chats:
  • This year (2021) Ingrid plans to offer free ACT chats of about 45 – 60 min. online once every 6 weeks (or so). The idea is that this time can serve as a Q & A timeslot for ACT issues.
  • Ingrid will also discuss specific ACT concepts and how you can work with these quickly.
  • If you wish to participate you have to email Ingrid iwallace553@gmail.com to receive the zoom link. ACT training:
  • Before Christmas Ingrid delivered a couple of Focussed ACT training groups via zoom. The training went very well, considering that they were delivered with a lot of material, while observing a very short time frame: 2 x 2.5hours each group.
  • Short ACT training for 2021 is planned but not yet in great detail. Possible training modules might be:
    • –  Short introduction into ACT for newies… (could also serve as a refresher of ACT knowledge for old hands!)
    • –  Working with the ACT Matrix
    • –  Language Matters – a brief introduction into Relational Frame Theory
    • –  Language Matters – Being on a Mission
    • –  Doing ACT skilfully
  • Please let us know what ACT training you or your colleagues might be interested in! Just email iwallace553@gmail.com with any suggestions.
  • Cardiff University offers a ten week ACT 2 course which will commence online on Wed, the 3rd of Feb. from 5pm – 7pm. The tutor is Joanne Meek: https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/part-time-courses-for-adults/courses/view/acceptance- and-commitment-therapy-ii

2020, a year like no other…

2020 was a tough year and many people experienced loss and grief, adults as well as children: the loss of loved ones, loss of friendship and companionship, loss of access to people and places we love, loss of freedoms, loss of play, of a sense of normality, identity… I am certain you could easily add to the list.

Some of you work with children and I hope this book The Heart in a Bottle might be a helpful find for you. (You might, of course, already know it!)

I love children’s stories because the wisdom they impart is equally wise for adults. And when we are hurting, we all regress, and warmth, compassion, validation and empathy are what adults need as much as children. In my ACT courses you might have heard me say that adults are just big kids…

The story also reminded me of some German fairy tales:

  • Das steinerne Herz (the stone heart) by E.T.A. Hoffmann and
  • Das kalte Herz (the cold heart) by Willhelm Hauff These stories also deal with the avoidance of feelings of grief, however, they do not contain the level of warmth and understanding that The Heart in a Bottle displays. The book is also absolutely ACT consistent! Enjoy. Children’s book dealing with grief and loss:

• https://www.brainpickings.org/2015/05/14/oliver-jeffers-the-heart-and-the- bottle/

The Next ACBS World Conference will also happen online


Any conference events will be held from 9am – 8pm (British time) (you can select the workshops you wish to attend online)

Consider becoming a member of the ACBS:

  • The annual membership fee is values based: You determine how much you think is appropriate.
  • You will have free access to a lot of ACT information (Presentations, PowerPoints …)
  • ACBS members receive a discount for the ACBS conference fees.



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