Dear All,

After some very quick people sending in 3 questions (the last one is really a double question…) I thought that this might point the way for a good format of the ACT Chats:

Considering each ACT Chat will be about 45 – 60 min. We can really not discuss and try to answer much more than 3 questions.

So, I thought, I will share the 3 questions I received with you all, so that you can decide if you might be interested in this particular ACT Chat.:
The 3 questions we want to deal with on the 25th of Feb (6.30-7.30pm) are:

  1. How can I assist a client to connect with the present moment when they are unable to connect with Mindfulness/relaxation.
  2. How can we help people apply the practices of ACT during this pandemic?
  3. How can we use ACT to work with Shame and to help to cultivate courage?

If you have additional ACT questions, why don’t you write them down for the next ACT Chat.  (You can already email them to me, if you wish).

So, places for the first ACT Chat on 25th of Feb are available now also WITHOUT a question.

Remember, it’s free!!!!

All the very best to you all



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