Here at ACT Hub Wales we provide a number of tailored training programmes.

Mental Health Professionals

More in depth training in ACT designed predominantly for mental health professionals.

These courses are designed for individuals who already have some experience of ACT and are looking to develop their skill set.

The courses will include new techniques developed by the pioneers as well as refreshers for those who wish to update and renew their ACT knowledge and skills.

Corporate Staff Using ACT

At its core ACT is all about developing Psychological Flexibility to build resilience in the face of challenges that we all face in our daily lives. This prepares us better the for the bigger challenges that inevitably come along in everyone’s lives.

ACT has been described as mindfulness with a purpose, where we learn to recognise when we are carried away by our thinking.

This course is designed to teach staff the fundamentals of ACT so that they can apply them in their daily lives.

Corporate Staff Learning ACT

When ACT first appeared it was known as Acceptance and Commitment Training and later developed into a therapeutic tool. In this course we are looking to train staff in ACT fundamentals using the ACT Matrix as the basis for training. Daniel Farmer is accredited through:

This course trains staff in the use of ACT processes and the ACT Matrix in order for them to roll out their own training to the wider business so all members of staff can develop greater Psychological Flexibility and build resilience in the face of daily challenges faced in their work and personal lives.


Here at the ACT Hub wales we do not offer ACT based therapy directly although there are some local therapists listed on the Resources page and others may be found via the ACBS website (a link to which is on the Front page).

Note: The indication of any party as an “ACT Therapist” is based on self nomination. ACT Hub Wales makes no express or implied warranty as to any matter including, without limitation, the fitness of any particular therapist and the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. We are not responsible for any reliance on any indicator of certification, special credentials or other specialized knowledge. Please research and choose your therapist wisely.


Longer term the ACT Hub Wales intends to offer ACT based Coaching for individuals and groups.


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