How We Can Help You

We are confident that we can assist you when you need it most. Whether for your individual needs, development of your team, or learning the latest in the ACT field.

ACT Support for Individuals

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can you come to terms with you who are and help you live a value guided life.

Read more to see how this may benefit you and find a ACT therapist who may be able to assist you.

ACT Support for Your Team

ACT as a training tool has been developing over the last couple of years and is showing great results by increasing empathy and resilience in staff resulting in higher productivity and open communication.

Read more to see how your team could benefit from our corporate training package.

Hub for ACT Professionals

One-stop-shop for ACT professionals to engage with each other in Wales.

Content and related materials curated and shared for practitioners in Wales.