Foreword by Ingrid Wallace and Daniel Farmer developers of the ACT Hub Wales

In these challenging times for ourselves, families, friends, community and world we at ACT Hub Wales wanted to get something published sooner rather than later to try and support as many people as we can. Here we are introducing the ACT process in the form of a model with some explanation and some tools which are designed to try and help develop psychological flexibility in the face of these turbulent times. ACT (Acceptance Commitment Training/Therapy) is one of the more recent mindfulness-based behaviour therapies. ACT does not attempt to remove pain, because, whether we like it or not, pain is part and parcel of everybody’s life. (For example: We cannot change the fact that we are now dealing with COVID-19, but the important thing is to deal with it, best we can.) So, instead of attempting to getting rid of what pains us, ACT helps us to change our relationship with the unwanted things in our lives. In many cases our response to the thoughts, images, and emotions about these unwanted things lead to greater suffering. In these uncertain times what we do not need to do is further fuel our suffering: and this is where ACT can help.

Ingrid Wallace & Daniel Farmer 

ACT in One: ‘Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life’ (ACT book by Dr Steven Hayes)