Dear All,

No one was more astonished than I, that the idea of ACT Chats was so enthusiastically taken up by you.  In less than one day I had more participants than I had expected.  I had wanted about 6-8 people per chat, but before long there were 10 and I hastened to get an email out letting you know that we were booked for the first lot.

Still some emails came in, and I understand that some of you are disappointed to have missed out.

No promises, but I will try to record the first ACT Chat, because I think the questions three people sent me are of interest to most of you. I will email the recording link to you after the event.  If all goes well (i.e.: if tech gods are smiling!) you should be able to watch it after the event.

I am planning another ACT Chat for March.  I don’t know the exact date yet, because I also have other obligations… (My retirement was heavily overrated and  appears to only mean that I am no longer teaching at Cardiff Uni! 😉)

How can you participate:   Please do the following:
After I announce the March date:

  1. Please email me an ACT question you have –  OR
  2. Email me to indicate that you would like to participate

I will take about 6-8 people (max: 10!!!!) to join:

  • Those people with an ACT question will get first preference
  • Those that would just like to join in will be accepted on a first come first served basis, (however the people with a question will get preference!)
    • realistically, we can only answer up to 3 questions in the time we have (45-60 min)
  • If we have no question to answer, I will select an ACT topic that we will discuss.

You can book any ACT Chats you want.  To be successful, you need to

  1. read my email
  2. be quick to answer
  3. have an ACT question to better your chances of getting in.

I hope this is clear….
Don’t worry, there will be more ACT Chats …Stay safe




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  1. Thankyou for a great ACT chat in March, for the opportunity to pose my question about Shame, courage and ACT and get responses.

    It was very enjoyable and I would recommend others to get involved and pose their ACT questions.

    Andrea x

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