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Check out these workshops for 2021
Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since we’ve been able to learn and have fun in the same room, hasn’t it? I hope that no matter what circumstances you are facing now, you feel supported and loved. 

I have some new workshops listed for 2021

If you’d like training on ACT and how to work with young people, please do come along to a live online workshop. You’ll learn about DNA-v, the developmental model of acceptance and commitment therapy. Professional development on helping young people with their well-being. 

I’ve had great feedback from people who have enjoyed them, loved the break-out rooms, and gained new insights on helping young people. I would love to see you there. 

They’re planned for different time zones, so you might find a time to suit you no matter where you are. 

With kindness and compassion,
Louise Hayes, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist 4 Evenings – May 6, 13, 20 and 27 — Book Here!
Live online workshops — Save money, save time

Join me for either 10 hours split over 2 days or 3 hours over 4 weeks. You get the training knowledge quickly, just as you do with a live workshop.Save money, cheaper registration, no hotels or transport costsSave the environment and planetFinish your training in two daysWear your pajamas pants if you want 😉
I’m sure you will like this new workshop. Please join me. 
 Download your free chapter from Your Life, Your WayVoices of YOU!
Be sure to share our free videos of young people talking about their pandemic experience and using DNA-v to help them. 

I’ve used them in many sessions with young people, and they are so powerful. 

You can see them all here.

Below is Kyle talking about what it’s like for young people living in this crazy stuck world right now and ideas he has to help. 
 Watch more ‘Voices of You’ hereOur new website is now live!!!
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Our youth website is still there for you with resources to help out.  Check out our new website



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